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Azerbaijan Techinn Petroleum

Iran stands in the 2nd stage of gas and 4th stage of oil resources in the world with an economy which is based on selling of raw (crude) natural resources and strategic hydrocarbon resources. Hence "Azerbaijan Techinn Petroleum Refining industries" is founded for refining of raw hydrocarbon resources to improve manufacturing and export cycle.

"Azerbaijan Techinn Petroleum Refining industries" is founded on 2013 to play a critical role in middle stream of the oil & refining industries and its first unit is started to refining of heavy oil derivatives in 2015.


Stand and expand science edge by research, development, innovation and improving scientific level.


Attain to best international quality.


Responsibility against natural resources, Respect to society and customer rights.


Azerbaijan Techinn Petroleum Awards

With so many years of experience in the business, our company is your
source for the highest quality petroleum products.

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