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General information:

  • Priming and Tack Coating – Cutback bitumen’s suitable for priming are also used for tack coats, which are applied to an underlying surface to help with the adhesion of subsequent asphalt layer.
  • Primer Sealing – Where temperatures are too cool for an effective priming operation, or where traffic is likely to upset a primed surface before the final seal can be sprayed, a primer seal can be used to give adequate protection of the pavement for periods of up to 6 to 12 months. Cutback bitumen’s suitable for primersealing can also be used in the manufacture of pre-mix asphalt, which is used in repairs.
  • Sprayed Sealing – Cutback bitumen’s are used extensively in sprayed sealing applications, particularly in cooler weather where they provide improved initial stone retention due to their lower viscosity.
  • Packing: 220, 230, 240(Liter) new steel drum

Technical Specifications:

Property Min Max Test Method
kinematic viscosity at 60°C mm^2/s 30 60 ASTM D2170
Flash point (tag open-cup), °C 60 - ASTM D3143
distillate test: distillate,volume percent of total distillate at 360°C:
Total distillation up to 360 ° C, volume% 10 45 ASTM D402
Solubility in trichloroethylene, % 99 - ASTM D2042
Viscosity at 60°C 250 5000 ASTM D2171
test on residue from distillation:
Penetration at 100,% 50 - ASTM D5
Ductility, 25°C 100 - ASTM D2113